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slow down, you crazy child. you're so ambitious for a juvenile, but then if you're so smart, tell me: why are you still so afraid?


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    crisp clinical smell never did much for the girl’s senses, though she’d always been more at home with vibrant country scent, with fragrant blossoms, and breakfast on the stove, and just a hint of rich earth. it was therefore, with just a touch of resentment that she allowed the sterility of ‘hospital smell’ to wash over her, to greet the intern at the start of the new day. she’d been assigned to a particularly prestigious ward, yes, and the doctor responsible for her time apparently merited some special considerations. all the same, lydia would much rather have been at home on the family farm, tending to the animals there instead of mundane, sick patients.

     she’d been shown previously how to sign in, where to fetch medical coat from and where to store her personal things. and while a majority of the staff were indeed nice and welcoming to the new intern, she couldn’t help but to feel overwhelmed. eighteen months seemed a forever ways away, and true— she’d learn from some positively brilliant minds; but at what cost? homesickness was already settling in. all the same, lydia bucked up: no need to seem melancholy when meeting the doctor she’d be working for. another showed her to his station, pointed out that he’d be present once finished up with his current patient, and left the girl to her own devices.

     she fiddled some, with the loose papers, glancing over them and trying to discern just what the scrawled handwriting said. said task required some mighty focus, and it was therefore that his footfalls coming nearer spooked her, the girl jumping some and consequentially berating herself for being so silly. ” doctor hopkirk, ” she offered, slightly breathless, ” it’s such an honour to meet you. i’m uh, lydia. lydia vance. the receptionist just told me to come down here and wait, and here i am and — … uh … hi? “

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